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This month we celebrate Valentine's Day.. a perfect opportunity to create crafts and spend time with your preschooler or toddler.

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to explore the Valentine Activites on Preschool Learning and Crafts. In addition, this newsletter issue has “5 Days of Valentine Ideas”. Many of these Valentine crafts and activities are only available to Craft Your Kids Smart subscribers. Spread the activities out over the week before Valentine’s Day or use them to throw a fun Valentine Party with your preschooler.

Enjoy and Thank You!

DAY 1: Paper Plate Valentine Holder
  • 2 paper plates
  • Construction paper hearts, stickers, markers, stamps
  • Ribbon and hole punch
  • Stapler

  1. To prep: fold 2 paper plates in half and staple(to form a pocket)
  2. Trim the tops to form a heart shape
  3. Decorate the heart with stickers, glue and paper, markers, etc.
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the heart, string ribbon through, and hang

DAY 2: Handmade “I love you” Valentines Make Grandma, Mom, or Dad’s Valentine’s Day by creating this easy craft with your preschooler.


  • Doillies and/or cut out hearts
  • Colored paper
  • Pen, marker, or crayon
  • Glue stick and scissors


  1. Cut out and glue hearts on the large piece of paper (most preschoolers can do this by themselves)
  2. Write “I love you because…” on the largest heart
  3. Have your child tell you “why he loves Grandma (or mom or dad)” and write his responses on the surrounding hearts
  4. Mail (or deliver) to the lucky recipient
Skills practiced & learned:
Fine motor; Cutting; Creative Thinking; Emotional; Writing (older children can write their responses or their name)

DAY 3: Musical Valentines
What you need
  • Several hearts cut from felt or construction paper (various sizes and colors)
  • Music or a willingness to sing


  1. Place the hearts in a large circle
  2. Your preschooler or toddler will dance around the hearts as music is played
  3. When the music stops tell your child to follow your command. For example:
    • Jump 3 times on the biggest heart
    • Sit on a red heart
    • Put the smallest heart on your nose
    • Twirl on a pink heart
  4. Repeat

Skills practiced & learned:
Gross motor; Listening; Colors, shapes, sizes, numbers; Music and fun!

* Even my 20 month old has fun dancing around the hearts

DAY 4: Candy Jar Decoration

  • Clean, dry empty jar
  • Candy hearts
  • Spoon or scoop
  • Valentine paper or paint
  1. Take top off of the jar and paint with red or pink paint or cover with paper (cut a circle of scrapbook paper and glue in center of lid)
  2. After the lid dries, fill jar with candy and put on the lid (THAT’S IT!)

Skills practiced & learned:
Filling the jars works fine motor and concentration skills; Count the candy to work on numbers; Fill different sized jars and your child learns about volume and spatial awareness (which one fits the most candy?)

DAY 5: Love Bug Chip Clip
A great Valentine gift to make with your preschooler.

  • Clothes pin
  • Heart Foamie Sitckers
  • Optional: Paint or Markers


  1. Paint or color the clothes pin (optional)
  2. Decorate the clothes pin with foamies in the shape of a butterfly, caterpillar, or any other bug

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