Hi! I don’t know if you all are as sick of winter and cold as I am, but spring is just around the corner! This month’s issue of Craft Your Kids Smart is full of fun and easy crafts and activities for Easter and spring. Please feel free to forward this newsletter or pass the site along to friends.

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Spring is almost here… Preschool Learning and Crafts has crafts and activities with flowers, bugs, bunnies, Leprechauns, and weather to help your toddler or preschooler explore this season of growth and renewal.

In addition to these activities, I have put together this newsletter issue with “A Basketful of Easter Ideas”. Many of these Easter crafts, activities, and printables are only available to Craft Your Kids Smart subscribers.

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Bunny Puppet
This easy Easter craft is also a fun puppet. Create the bunny with your child and then have an Easter puppet show or use it to sing an Easter song. What is learned/ practiced: fine motor skills, creativity, scissor skills.


  • Paper Bag
  • Bunny Template
  • Paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • A cotton ball
  • Glue and scissors


  1. Print out the bunny template
  2. Color the template and bag
  3. Cut out (or have your older preschooler cut out) the ears, face, and teeth
  4. Glue ears, face, teeth, and tail onto the paper bag

”Some Bunny Loves You” Easter Card
What grandparent wouldn’t adore this card? What is learned/ practiced: fine motor skills, creativity, writing.


  • Paper (pink, white, or other pastel color)
  • Pink and white paint
  • Black marker


  1. Place paint in a shallow dish (I like paper plates)
  2. Dip your child’s thumb in paint and press onto paper for the bunny’s head
  3. Dip your child’s pinkie in paint and press onto paper for the bunny’s ears
  4. Allow to dry
  5. Draw in eyes, nose, and other details
  6. Write “Some Bunny Loves You….” on the outside and “Happy Easter” on the inside (older preschoolers can do this with a little help)
  7. Have your preschooler write or trace his name to sign the card

Egg Carton Patterns
This game is a great learning activity with an Easter theme. What is learned/ practiced: pre-math skills (patterns and matching), colors.



  1. Print out the pattern cards and cut into 3 separate cards
  2. Place the cards in the top of the egg carton
  3. Have your preschooler match the colors of eggs on the card and then finish the pattern
  4. Your preschooler can then make up her own egg patterns

It’s Spring… time to bring out the bubbles. Bubbles are not only pure fun for toddlers and preschoolers, but they also teach hand-eye coordination. Try this easy recipe for some homemade bubbles.

½ cup Joy or Dawn dishwashing liquid
1 gallon of water
¼ cup glycerin (available at pharmacies)

Mix the ingredients, but not too vigorously (you’ll get too much foam.) You’ll get better bubbles if you let the mixture sit uncovered overnight. Try adding food coloring for colorful bubbles.

Use bubble wands, bubble machines, or other homemade bubble blowers (pipe cleaners or hangers bent to form a loop.) Have fun!

Easter Cooking with Kids
Use those hard boiled eggs and allow your kids to help out in the kitchen. This yummy deviled egg recipe teaches your kids to measure and mix ingredients (great math skills!) and requires little help from you.

Adult Prep:
  1. Peel 6 eggs
  2. Cut eggs in half lengthwise
  3. Take out yolks and place in a small bowl
Your preschooler can:
  1. Mash the yolks
  2. Add 1-2 TBL mayonnaise, ¼ tsp mustard, 1 tsp white vinegar (and salt and pepper to taste)
  3. Mix and spoon into eggs
  4. Sprinkle with paprika

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