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Musical Valentines
What you need
  • Several hearts cut from felt or construction paper (various sizes and colors)
  • Music or a willingness to sing


  1. Place the hearts in a large circle
  2. Your preschooler or toddler will dance around the hearts as music is played
  3. When the music stops tell your child to follow your command. For example:
    • Jump 3 times on the biggest heart
    • Sit on a red heart
    • Put the smallest heart on your nose
    • Twirl on a pink heart
  4. Repeat

Skills practiced & learned:
Gross motor; Listening; Colors, shapes, sizes, numbers; Music and fun!

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Easy Valentine Box
My kids love to create Valentines. Each year they make Valentine boxes for themselves and us (Mommy & Daddy). On Valentine's Day, we all open our boxes and see what pictures, love notes, and creations we received.

For an easy Valentine Box that your preschooler can create with almost no help, follow these easy instructions:


  • Small box (shoe box, cereal box, cracker box)
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Tape
  • Valentine stickers & cut out hearts

To Create

  1. An adult should prepare the box by closing all open ends with tape and cutting a slit on the top (big enough for Valentines)
  2. Have your child wrap the box in aluminum foil. Foil is so easy for kids to work with because it stays in place when they fold it around corners. Tear and fold foil into the slit created in step 1. Secure edges with tape.
  3. Let your little artist go to work covering the box with stickers, glueing hearts, and being creative!

Skills practiced & learned:
Fine motor; Concentration; Independence; and FUN!

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Valentine Puppet
This easy preschool craft can be the entertainment for Valentines Day (how many of us actually get to go out?) Have the entire family create puppets and then put on a puppet show!

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Scissors
  • Various colors of paper cut into hearts of different sizes
  • Markers
  • Glue stick

  1. Cut out different sizes and colors of hearts.
  2. Provide each child with a paper lunch bag.
  3. Let your kids go to town creating their own "Valentine" person or creature.
  4. Allow to dry and then enjoy the show!
Skills practiced & learned:
Fine motor; Concentration; Pretend play; Creativity; Story telling (reading).

Handmade “I love you” Valentines
Make Grandma, Mom, or Dad’s Valentine’s Day by creating this easy craft with your preschooler.

  • Doillies and/or cut out hearts
  • Colored paper
  • Pen, marker, or crayon
  • Glue stick and scissors


  1. Cut out and glue hearts on the large piece of paper (most preschoolers can do this by themselves)
  2. Write “I love you because…” on the largest heart
  3. Have your child tell you “why he loves Grandma (or mom or dad)” and write his responses on the surrounding hearts
  4. Mail (or deliver) to the lucky recipient
Skills practiced & learned:
Fine motor; Cutting; Creative Thinking; Emotional; Writing (older children can write their responses or their name)

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Valentine Songs
Teach your children this cute little Valentine song to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a Little Valentine
I'm a little valentine,
Made for you,
Of paper, lace, and a dab of glue.
I'm signed and sealed and on my way,
To say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day!

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