Sports Camp Crafts for Kids to Make and Get Active!

Looking for a camp crafts with a sports theme or an activity for a rainy day or day camp? Your preschooler or toddler (or your group of campers) can make these crafts independently with a little prep work from you. Your kids will be entertained, learn, and have fun! The best part? These preschool crafts will get your child active… play tennis, practice hurdling, and more!

Looking for other themed crafts or activities? Find many more easy crafts, games, and learning activities on the Preschool Learning and Crafts site. Enjoy!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon

  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Long piece of wide ribbon or crepe paper
  • Tape (duct, masking, or packaging tape works best)
  • Stickers, markers, and crayons
  1. Have your child decorate the paper towel roll with stickers, crayons, and markers
  2. Tape or staple the ribbon or crepe paper to the inside of one end
  3. Now your little “rhythmic gymnast” can dance and wave her ribbon around!

Tennis Racket

  • Paper plate
  • Duct tape
  • Paint stir (ask your hardware store for a free one!)
  • Stickers, markers, and crayons
  1. Have your child decorate the paper plate and paint stir with stickers, crayons, and markers
  2. Securely tape one end of the paint stir to the back of the paper plate
  3. Make two rackets, blow up a balloon, and have a fun game of preschool tennis!

Mini Hurdles
  • Shoe boxes
  • Stickers, markers, and crayons
  1. Have your child decorate the shoe boxes with stickers, crayons, and markers
  2. Set several “hurdles” up a few feet apart and your preschooler can practice his jumping skills!

Kids will love these camp and sport crafts. The crafts and kids activities on this page will your kids entertained and active! Follow the links below for even more easy kids crafts, Olympic crafts, and fun preschool activities...

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