Throw a “Bear-y” (sorry) Fun Care Bears Party

For my daughter’s 4th birthday, she wanted a Care Bears Party. Care Bears and Care Bears Party supplies were not available in any of our local party supply stores, so we had to get a bit creative. Many of the party ideas, activities, and crafts that we did for her birthday party can be made to fit any party theme.

We had nine 3 & 4 year old girls. The party was a bit different than my son’s Transformer Party, I actually had to get the girls riled up and excited!

Wondering how to throw a fun preschool party? Check out my party tips to make your party run smoothly.

Enjoy the following Care Bears Party ideas and... Happy Birthday to your little one!

Party Invitations:
I printed out my own invitations using Power Point. I found a Care Bear picture on the Web and modified it slightly to read, “I’m turning 4!” I also included all of the party details. We put them in white envelopes and my daughter decorated them with Care Bears stickers.

Care Bears Party Decorations:

I ordered Care Bear plates and napkins online from a party supply store. I also ordered a Care Bear centerpiece and cupcake toppers. Most of larger decorations were homemade with help from my daughter.

Using her Care Bears coloring book as a guide, I drew the outlines of several Care Bears on large sheets of white paper. I drew them free hand, but you could use an overhead projector and trace the outlines as well. I made 4 of them (I only drew one face and body and traced the others from that one) in one evening while watching TV. For a few afternoons before the party, my daughter had fun coloring in her Care Bears (she LOVES to color!)

For other decorations… I cut stars and clouds out of poster board, hung rainbow colored streamers and balloons, and hung a rainbow piñata.

My daughter requested a Care Bear Castle Cake. I found a picture and directions for a castle cake on and modified it to make it smaller. We also used the Care Bear cupcake toppers to decorate the cake. Although it turned out a bit lopsided (I have no idea how even more layers would have worked)- my daughter and her friends all loved it.

Care Bears Party Activities:
We had a 2 hour party which was the perfect amount of time for this age group. As always, the only food I served was cake and juice boxes (makes it MUCH easier.)

3 PM Kids Arrive
3 – 3:20 PM Free Play

  • Color the Care Bear (had one of the large Care Bears that I drew and Care Bear printables out for the girls to color)
  • Care Bear stuffed animals (borrowed a few singing Care Bears from a friend and used my daughter's Care Bears)
  • Care Bears matching game (directions to make)
  • Doll house with little Care Bears (my daughter's doll house and furniture with some mini plastic Care Bears)
3:20-3:35 PM Obstacle course (basement)
Before the party, we set up an obstacle course for the kids to journey through “Care-a-lot.” The girls loved playing this party game so much, we did it again at the end of the party!
  • Start out in “Care-a-lot Castle” (our Kangaroo Climber) and slide down the rainbow (the slide)
  • Go through rainbow falls (rainbow colored streamers and balloons hanging)
  • Walk through the clouds (placed pillows covered with white sheets on either side of our play beam)
  • Climb over Care Bear Mountains (our play folding mat)
  • Drive through Care-a-lot (riding toy)
  • Jump into the clouds (mini tramp and a bean bag and pillows covered in white sheets)
3:35-3:45 Care Bear Hide and Seek
Before the party, I printed out Care Bear Hide and Seek Cards and hid 3 of each bear around the room (keeping one of each to hand out.) To start the game, I let each kid pick one of the bears (I turned them upside down so there wouldn’t be any fighting.) When I said go, the girls had to search around the room for the 3 bears that matched the one they picked. I “hid” the cards in very obvious places (on top of the couch, on tables, in the play kitchen sink, etc.)- I’m glad that I did because they were challenged just matching the bears.

3:45-4:00 Cake

4:00-4:15 Craft Time

  • Care Bears Printables
  • Rainbow Windsock
4:15-4:25 Parachute Games
Always a party favorite… I got out our parachute and balloons. We played “popcorn” (bounced the balloons on the parachute as we shook it), gave each girl a “cloud ride” (one sat in the center while we all shook the parachute), and played some other parachute games.

4:30 Gifts

4:40-4:50 Free Play
We went back down and did the obstacle course.

4:50-5:00 Piñata
I bought what I thought was a pull string piñata… not so much. 3 and 4 year old girls in my living room trying to smack a very strong piñata open with a big stick… never again! After two turns each and me sacrificing my body several times to protect the guests, I tore open the piñata myself!

Party Favors:

The kids each got to take home their rainbow wind socks, coloring pages, and candy from the piñata. In addition, my daughter and I put together party favor bags that contained: a Care Bears coloring book (from the dollar store), a small pack of crayons, a Care Bear stamp (bought on Ebay), and a pack Care Bear fruit snacks.

I hope you enjoy throwing your own fun Care Bears party with these ideas and other preschool crafts, party games, and preschool activities.

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