Christmas Activities for Preschoolers: 25 Days of Christmas Ideas!

Looking for Christmas activities to do with your preschooler or toddler? You've found 25 days of fun and easy Christmas crafts, Christmas games, and gifts to make that will help you and your child enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season.

These kids Christmas ideas will help you start some family Christmas traditions and create many happy memories with your children!

Day 1
Start off the month of Christmas activities by doing an advent calendar with your preschooler. Either purchase one or make an advent calendar of your own.

Day 2
Combine fun Christmas and fall activities. Collect pinecones and paint in holiday colors to display as decorations. For instructions see preschool fall crafts.

Day 3
Start the Christmas season off by talking about the true meaning of the holiday. The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry is a great Christmas board book for toddlers and preschoolers.

Day 4
Get out the Christmas decorations and let your preschooler help decorate. If you can't stomach a totally "kid decorated" house, let him have one room or a small tree of his own to decorate. This is one of the Christmas activities that will teach your child independence and creativity.

Day 5
Speaking of Christmas decorations- visit preschool Christmas crafts and make a loop wreath.

Day 6
Are your kids getting antsy about making their Christmas lists? Here's a great Christmas idea for using all of those toy catalogs. Allow your preschooler to look through the pages and cut out her most desired toys. She can gather ideas in an envelope and use them later on to make her Christmas list. (This is a great way to get your preschooler to practice using scissors too!)

Day 7
Talk about those less fortunate than you. With your child, shop for a gift for a local shelter or Toys for Tots. Let your preschooler pick out the gift and deliver it or place it in the donation bin.

Day 8
Getting ready to decorate the tree? Another great Christmas activity is to have your preschooler make his own ornament. Visit preschool Christmas crafts for some ideas.

Day 8
Have a tree trimming party with your family. Get out the ornaments, make some hot chocolate, and turn on the Christmas songs. Your child will love to help and create a family Christmas tradition!

Day 9
Have your child make a Christmas flower arrangement for his room or for the table. See preschool crafts for instructions.

Day 10
Help your preschooler write his list to Santa today. Get out the envelope of pictures from Day 6 and have your child pick out an appropriate number of "favorites." Younger kids can glue the pictures onto paper for their lists. Older preschoolers can practice their writing skills by also writing out their lists for a fun Christmas activity.

Day 11
Time to start thinking about Christmas cards. Your preschooler will love to join in this Christmas activity by drawing pictures or making cards for relatives and friends.

Day 12
Make gingerbread houses with your preschooler. Kits are available everywhere, but follow the directions on the preschool Christmas crafts for an easy and fun alternative.

Day 13
A Christmas activitiy that your preschooler will love- watch one of the classic Christmas shows LIVE on TV (no TIVO or DVDs.) Pop some popcorn, snuggle up together, and stay up a little past bedtime.

Day 14
Gather a group of friends with preschoolers and visit a retirement home to sing carols. Carolling is a Christmas activity that will brighten a senior's day and teach your child about community service all at once!

Day 15
Start making gifts for grandparents and teachers. Visit the homemade gifts page for some easy ideas.

Day 16
For a fun learning Christmas actvity, make a triangle Christmas tree. Your preschooler can make a cute Christmas decoration and learn her shapes!

Day 17
Make a Christmas placemat for your holiday table. Use the Reindeer Hand and Footprint Craft and take it to your local copy center to be laminated. Your preschooler or toddler will love to see his work at every meal.

Day 18
Deocorate sugar cookies with your preschooler. Make cut outs from scratch or, for an easy alternative, buy the sugar cookie dough pre-rolled and cut out. Use store bought frosting, sprinkles, candies, and let your preschooler go to town! Make up a plate for a friend or neighbor and help your child deliver it.

Day 19
A great family Christmas activity... after dark, get the whole family in the car and take a drive around town to view all of the Christmas lights. Ask friends where the neighborhoods with the most decorated houses are. Ooh and aah with your preschooler.

Day 20
Allow your preschooler or toddler to enjoy the spirit of giving this Christmas. Take her to a dollar store and have her pick out a gift for grandparents and siblings. Talk about things that each person enjoys and allow her to pick out gifts she thinks they would like. Don't try to change her mind- everyone will get a kick out of the way your preschooler's mind works! My mom loved the pink calculator from my daughter and the lint brush from my son last year!

Day 21
Visit Santa and deliver your child's list (if you haven't mailed it already!)

Day 22
Wrap Christmas gifts with your preschooler. Allow your child to wrap his gifts that he made or purchased. This Christmas activity is great scissor and fine motor skill practice for your child.

Day 23
Take a break from the last minute Christmas rush and play in the snow indoors! Gather snow from outside (or use cotton balls if you don't have snow), place in a large plastic bin, provide shovels and scoops, and let your preschooler play away (and stay warm!)

Day 24
Enjoy Christmas Eve with your preschooler. Great Christmas activities for today...attend the children's service at your church, take a family picture and place it in a Christmas photo album (look through past years' pictures), read "Twas the Night before Christmas". Don't forget to leave cookies and milk for Santa!

Day 25 Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the day as a family, and talk about all the wonderful Christmas activities you did this month!

Once the chaos has died down, don't forget to have your preschooler write Thank You cards for his gifts. Many stores have great cards for preschoolers to fill in the gift and a name. Other ideas...draw pictures of each gift...use the best picture of your child from that day, print it out, and have your child glue it to paper with his name and "Thank You"...

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