Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

Looking for easy kids Halloween costumes? We have a great list of DIY Halloween costumes, last minute kids costumes, and inexpensive kids costumes to make your life easier this October!!

Does your preschooler or toddler have a strong opinion about what she wants to be for Halloween? Let her create her own fantasy! Feel free to combine costumes to meet your preschooler's vision.... "princess dog"? "butterfly ninja"? "football turtle"? Let your child show her creativity and you'll create a great story for when she's older!

Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas:

You probably have dress-up clothes or accessories that can easily make the following costumes!

  • Princess (princess dress or tutu, crown)
  • Pirate (black pants, red vest, white shirt, sword, bandana, eye patch)
  • Fairy (tutu or skirt, fancy shirt, wings, wand)
  • Doctor (scrubs, stethoscope)
  • Minion (yellow shirt, overalls, hardhat, goggles)
  • Construction workers (overall, hardhat, tool box)
  • Witch (Black dress or tutu, witch hat)
  • Artist (paint smock, paint brush, palette, beret)
  • Super hero (cape, mask)

Good luck & HAVE FUN!!!

Easy DIY LEGO Costume

Supplies: Cardboard Box, tape, plastic containers, hot glue, spray paint


  1. Tape box shut
  2. Cut out head & arm holes and cut off side for legs
  3. Hot glue plastic containers to front of box
  4. Write "LEGO" in hot glue on each container
  5. Spray paint the entire box & all of the containers
  6. You made A SUPER CUTE COSTUME your LEGO fan will LOVE!!

No-Sew Easy Animal Costumes:

Create many different animals using easy to find materials. The following directions are for a dalmatian, but you can easily adapt it for anything!!

Supplies: White hooded sweatshirt & sweatpants, black felt, scissors, fabric glue, face paint


  1. Cut out dalmatian "spots" from black felt and 2 floppy ears
  2. Using fabric glue, glue spots on hooded sweatshirt & pants
  3. Glue ear on top of hood
  4. Use face paint to add a black spot around your child's eye
  5. Done!!

DIY Food Costumes:

Create your preschoolers favorite food costume. All you need is cardboard, posterboard, or felt and some imagination! Do a "google" search and you'll be amazed what you'll find!!

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