Gifts for Teachers that your Child's Teacher will LOVE!

Teachers are so important in our children's lives. Find gifts for teachers that will show how much you appreciate everything that they do.

As a former teacher, I know that your child's teacher will appreciate any gift idea. However, I also know that there are only so many places to put a "World's Greatest Teacher" wooden apple : )

More than anything, teachers love to know that they've made an impact on the lives of their students... always include a handwritten sincere thank you. If your child is old enough, have him dictate or write the letter himself or have him draw a picture of something he loved about his teacher or school year.

If you'd like to give a gifts for teachers to remember your child, here are some easy ideas:

  • Find gifts for kids to make that are cute and easy.
  • Have your child paint a garden pot and plant it with herbs or flowers. Teachers will be able to enjoy the plants and use the pot for years.

Your child's entire class can create a memorable teacher gift:
  • Have each student in the class complete a scrapbook page about him or herself. Have each child include... "What I liked best about my teacher..." "My favorite thing about school is..." "This year, I learned..." Have the "book" bound and laminated at a copy shop.
  • Purchase a picture mat and frame. Have each student sign the mat and frame it with a class photo. This personalized gift is also great for coaches!
  • Use a photo service like Shutterfly or PhotoWorks and gather pictures from the class to create a professional photo book of the school year. You can also have each student include memories about the teacher. Or- have each student submit a recipe and create a class recipe book.

We all know that most teachers teach for the students, not for the paycheck. My favorite gift for teachers is a combination of a gift card and more personalized gift or handmade gift.

Here are some easy ideas to wrap or give gift cards (along with some cheesy puns to include if you'd like):
  • A mug with a packet of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea with a coffee shop gift card. ("Thanks a Latte")
  • A flower arrangment with a gift card for a dinner out. ("Thanks a bunch!")
  • A potted plant with a gift card to a local garden center. ("Thanks for planting the seeds of success!"
  • A bookmark and a bookstore gift card. ("Teacher, you get top marks!")

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