Handmade Toys: Fun and Inexpensive Toys that YOU Can Make

Create handmade toys for (and with) your preschooler or toddler. You can make puzzles, musical instruments, play kitchen toys, and many other toys with items around your house.

If you’re on a budget (aren’t we all?), handmade toys are inexpensive and fun to make. By recycling items like greeting cards, water bottles, and food containers, you can create easy and educational toys for your preschooler.

With a pair of scissors and a hole punch, you can turn greeting cards into preschool puzzles and lacing cards. For instructions see Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards, but any cards will work... still have that stack of dinosaur and truck cards from your son's last birthday??

Looking for a quick way to entertain your child? Many household items can be used for impromptu toys for toddlers or preschoolers. Pots and pans with large spoons make a great drum set. Empty yogurt or margarine containers make an easy set of blocks perfect for toddler hands. Use your old purses and shoes for dress up. A set up empty water or soda bottles and a ball become an instant bowling set. The possibilities are endless...

Speaking of water bottles...the waste that they create has been all over the news lately. If your looking for an easy way to recycle water bottles (or soda bottles), many handmade toys can be made from empty plastic bottles. See water bottle handmade toys for fun ideas ranging from an I Spy Bottle to science experiments.

Musical Instruments like tambourines and kazoos are fun and easy to create with your preschooler. Actually, many preschool crafts allow you to spend time with and teach your preschooler or toddler... for a very small price tag.

Preschool learning activities teach and entertain your child at the same time. Your preschooler will learn about numbers, letters, and science, while playing and having fun. Using a few simple items from around the house (such as a chip and dip tray, paper plates, wrapping paper tubes) and some easy craft supplies (pom poms, craft sticks, and foamy stickers), you can make educational toys that your child will love!

Curious about what exactly is in “Play Doh” or “Goop”? You can discover the easy and safe kitchen ingredients that are in these substances and make them for your child. Check out easy science recipes for directions to make drawing dough, flubber, play dough, and more substances that will have your preschooler messy and happy!

I hope that you enjoy these easy to make toys and that they keep your preschooler and your bank account happy!

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