Preschool Indoor Winter Activities - Fun, Easy Games and Activities to Beat the Winter Blues!

If you live in the cold (like we do), indoor winter activities and games can be a real life saver! Your preschooler or toddler will be entertained and will learn preschool skills by playing.

Winter Crafts are a great snow day idea... create snowmen, Valentines, and more.

Feel like getting up and moving? How about singing a winter song and dancing with your preschooler or toddler?

There are so many winter activities to do with your preschooler. Have fun!

Container Snow Play
Are your kids bugging you to play in the snow, but it's too cold outside or (let's be honest) you don't feel like bundling them up? Bring the snow inside for fun winter activities!

  • Fill a big plastic bin or kiddie pool with snow and place on a plastic table cloth or towels
  • Gather sand toys and containers and relax with another cup of coffee and your favorite magazine : )
  • Our rules (feel free to adjust them to your comfort level):
    • ALL snow stays in the container
    • No kids in the container with the snow
    • HAVE FUN!

Pretend Snowman
This winter activity will have your kids laughing and creating. Your preschooler will also learn to pretend and to sequence (first, second, last...)

  • Tell your preschool or toddler, "We're going to build a snowman INSIDE! We have to use our imagination- that is when we pretend."
  • Next follow the steps to "build your snowman"
    1. "Look it's snowing inside the house". Point up and then use your hands to flutter down like snowflakes. Have your child do the same.
    2. "Do you see all of the snow on the ground?" Pretend to touch the snow, throw a snowball, etc.
    3. "Okay. Let's build our snowman. We need to roll a big snowball for the bottom."
    4. Ask your child how many balls he wants for his snowman. Talk about how the balls need to get smaller as they go up. Be sure to "pat" each snowball as you place it on top of the other.
    5. Now talk about what the snowman needs- eyes, nose, hat, etc. Let your child "look" for what he might use for each part if he were outside- sticks for arms, rocks for eyes...
    6. When your snowman is complete. Stand back and admire it with your toddler or preschooler. Ask your child to talk about how he made the snowman (the order) and what he used for the body parts.

  • This winter activity is great for language skills, story telling, memory, sequencing, and creativity. Have fun with it!

Pom Pom Snowball Fight
Great indoor activity for getting out excess energy! The pom poms won't hurt and can't break anything! My kids can play this for a half an hour with each other.

  • All you need is a willing kid and a bag of little store bought "pom poms" (used in crafting)
  • Talk about the "rules" - "We only throw the pom poms. We keep the pom poms in this area in the family room. When we are done, we will pick up the pom poms and put them back in the container."
  • Divide up the pom poms between you and your preschooler(s)
  • Fire away! (we also like to gather them and dump them over each other's heads)

Wax Paper Ice Skating
Another great indoor winter activity for getting out excess energy! If you want, you can also teach your child "proper" ice skating technique (how to push off of each foot to glide.)

  • All you need is a willing kid, 2 pieces of wax paper larger than her foot, and a carpeted area
  • Put a piece of wax paper under each of your preschooler's feet
  • Let her "skate" all around the room

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