More Fun & Easy Preschool Crafts

Preschool kids have a wide range of interests (or obsessions in the case of my kids) and preschool crafts are a great way to enjoy them. Hopefully you can find a preschool craft on this page for what ever your preschooler's or toddler's current obsession is...

Music Crafts

***EASY Toddler Craft***

  • Paper plates
  • Dry beans
  • Markers or stickers to decorate
  • Staples and/or duct tape


  1. Have your preschooler or toddler decorate the bottom of both plates
  2. Put both plates decorated side down on the table
  3. Have your preschooler put a scoop of dried beans on one plate
  4. Place the second plate upside down on top of the first
  5. Secure the plates together using staples and duct tape
    (make sure that NO beans will come out- supervise young children that may put beans in their mouths!)


  • Empty cardboard tube (TP or paper towel)
  • Stickers or markers
  • Waxed paper
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors


  1. Decorate the empty tube with markers and stickers
  2. Cut a square of waxed paper and place it over one end of the tube
  3. Secure the waxed paper with a rubber band
  4. Hum into the open end of the tube


  • Plastic eggs or small containers
  • Dry beans or rice
  • Stickers
  • Glue gun or duct tape


  1. Fill either one half of the plastic egg or one container with rice or beans
  2. Place the two halves or two containers together
  3. Secure together by either taping the seam with duct tape or applying hot glue (adults only!)
    (make sure that NO beans or rice will come out- supervise young children that may put beans in their mouths!)
  4. Decorate the outside of the shaker with stickers


  • Any of the above preschool music crafts can be made to fit any theme. Simply use sticker or decorations that go along with a certain holiday or theme.
  • Encourage your preschooler(s), playgroup, or class to march around the room with their new instruments- instant parade!

Telescope (Spotting Scope) or Megaphone

  • Empty paper towel tube
  • Stickers or markers


  1. Decorate the outside of the tube
  2. THAT'S IT!


  • Your preschooler can also decorate a piece of paper, wrap it around the tube, and secure with scotch tape
  • My Diego fans love this!


  • 2 empty toilet paper tubes
  • String or ribbon
  • Stickers or markers
  • Scissors or hole punch
  • Duct tape


  1. Decorate the outside of the tubes
  2. Place the tubes side by side and attach together with duct tape
  3. Punch a hole at one end of each tube and tie string through


  • Great preschool craft for little explorers or a camping themed party
  • Make a set of binoculars with your preschooler and take them on a walk to explore the neighborhood!

Flower Arranging

  • Artificial flowers
    (use wire cutters to cut individual flowers off of bushes)
  • Square of floral foam or styrofoam
    (available at craft stores)
  • Container or vase


  1. Put floral foam in container or vase
  2. Push bottom of flowers into foam
  3. Add as many flowers as you like
  4. Display


  • Buy flowers and let your preschooler make a new decoration for each season or holiday
  • Your preschooler can do this project by himself (once you cut the flowers). Don't rearrange for him!

COMING SOON... dinosaur crafts, princess crafts, train crafts and MORE!

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