Olympic Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Help your preschooler or toddler make fun and easy Olympic crafts. Your child will love having props to be part of the action (and that might mean that you can watch your favorite event without too many interruptions!) Your preschooler can easily make an Olympic medal or torch with supplies from around the house.

Olympic Medal
Celebrate your mini-Olympian with any of the following easy to make gold medals.
**Easy Toddler Craft!

Supplies (for all of the medals)

  • Yellow/gold tissue paper
  • Glitter or glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • School glue (like Elmers)
  • Circle template (a glass or cup works perfectly)
  • Small piece of card board (I used a cereal box)
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or yarn


  1. Trace and cut a circle from the cardboard
  2. Punch a hole in the top of the circle
  3. Allow your child to spread glue and place small pieces of tissue paper on the circle
  4. Decorate the “gold” medal with glitter or glitter glue
  5. Allow to dry and string ribbon through the hole
  • Use yellow paper for the circle and have child decorate with glitter, markers, or stickers
  • Cut two circles from clear contact paper and have your child place small pieces of tissue paper and glitter on the sticky side of one. Place the 2 circles sticky sides together.

Olympic Rings
Teach your preschooler about the symbolism of the Olympic Rings while teaching her basic math skills like patterns and matching.
Supplies Directions
  1. Print out the Olympic Ring Printable onto white paper
  2. Read and explain the directions on the printable to your preschooler
  3. Allow child to color (don’t worry if she goes outside the lines or if her colors don’t match exactly!)
  4. OPTIONAL: Cut out ring and glue onto a white rectangle of paper. Attach to a dowel or stick to create an Olympic Flag

Olympic Torch
Create your own opening ceremony by passing this Olympic craft torch between family and friends. You can even “light” a bigger torch for the grand finale.

  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Tissue paper (red and orange)
  • Tape or glue
  • Markers, paint, sticker, and/or crayons
  1. Decorate the paper towel roll with paint, markers, crayons and/or stickers
  2. Layer the tissue paper, “scrunch” it, and tape or glue to the inside of the roll
  3. Allow to dry

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