Vote for Preschool Activities for Election Day!

Looking to include your preschooler or elementary child in election day? These easy preschool activities will keep your child entertained, teach your child about voting, and show lots of American spirit!

Looking for something to keep your little one occupied while you stand in line at the polls? Here are some easy ideas:

  • Let your child color his own "ballot". Bring a clip board, paper, and crayons to the polls. Your child can color and feel like he's just like mom!
  • Preschool and toddler fingerplays are great for entertaining kids anywhere. My kids will do "Round and Round the Garden" for EVER! Be sure to take turns.
  • Preschool learning games like "I Spy" are a great way to keep occupied and learn at the same time. Or try a game like "Same and Different." Pick out two people in line and take turns with your child naming how they are the "same" and "different"... "They are the same because they are both girls...They are different because one has a hat and one doesn't."

USA Pride Crafts
These USA preschool activities and crafts are easy and fun to create and even more fun to play! Toddlers can join in too. When completed, all the kids can join in for an election day celebration!
What is learned/ practiced: creativity, fine motor skills, music & rhythm.

Supplies for all of these crafts:
  • Paper (red, white, and blue) cut into various shapes (stars, stripes, squares)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Red and blue crayons and markers
Set up the supplies in separate plastic containers and let the kids be creative…

  1. USA Hat
    • Provide each child with a piece of red, white, or blue paper cut in half length wise and stapled end to end
    • Have kids decorate
    • Place the strip around the head and mark the appropriate size
    • Have an adult staple and tape over the staples
  2. USA Streamers
    • Kids can decorate empty paper towel rolls or paper plates
    • Attach red, white, and blue crepe paper streamers to the end or outside (tape works best for this)
    • Dance and shake!

  3. USA Shaker
    • Have preschoolers decorate (with paper, crayons, stickers) the outside of 2 paper plates
    • Place beans or dry pasta in between
    • Have an adult staple the edges shut (tape over staples to protect little fingers)
    • Shake away!

"Vote for Dinner" Preschool Activity
Teach your kids about the election by letting them vote themselves!
  • Create a ballot to vote for dinner. Each person in your family can vote for a main dish, a vegetable, a drink, and a dessert. For preschoolers and toddlers, be sure to include pictures next to each option so they can vote by themselves!
  • Have each person in your family check the box next to his selections and place the ballot into a ballot box (created from a shoe box and covered in red, white, and blue paper or stickers.)
  • Count the votes and give everyone the results at dinner by serving the winners!

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