Preschool Counting and Number Activities Make Learning Fun!

Preschool counting activities and number recognition activities work together (and have a lot of overlap). When your preschooler sees the number and counts the number, she is using visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning (learning by doing) to reinforce these early math skills.

Use these easy number crafts and number games for teaching numbers and counting to your preschooler or toddler. He'll have so much fun playing, he'll be learning numbers is no time!
Preschool counting and number activities are everywhere. You can count with your preschooler all day long. Once you get in the habit, it is actually hard to stop yourself!

If your kids take as long as mine to go up a flight of stairs, this is a great one to pass the time or make the trip more exciting. Simply count each step. In our house, everyone could count to 13 before they were 3- that is how many steps we have to our upstairs!

Counting Box
This preschool math activity helps with counting and number recognition.
  • Use a shadow box or another container with compartments (I use my trusty chip and dip tray)
  • Place a number in each section (Number stickers, index cards with written numbers, or number fridge magnets all work!)
  • Give your child objects to count (pom poms, buttons, crayons, "Little People")
  • Watch your child count out and place the correct number in each compartment

Handprint Counting
A great math craft to do with your preschooler. I have mine hung in our dining area and my kids use it all the time.

  • Gather paint and poster board for supplies
  • Using your preschooler's hand, make as many handprints as desired on the poster board
  • Label each finger 1-100 (or as high as you want to go)
  • If you use the same hand for every handprint, count by 5's using all of the thumbs (or pinkies)

Number Wheel
This preschool counting activity is easy to make and a fun craft for your child.

  • Gather a piece of cardboard (I used part of a box), a large bowl or other circle pattern, a marker, a ruler, scissors, wood clothes pins, and various stickers
  • Use a bowl or other template to trace a circle onto the cardboard
  • Cut out circle
  • Use the ruler to draw lines across the middle of the circle to form pie pieces (do any number from 4 to 10)
  • Have your child pick out matching stickers for each number and place the correct number in each pie piece
  • Write the corresponding numbers on clothes pins
Ideas for number wheel math games:
  • Mix up the clothes pins and have your preschooler pick one at a time and clip it to the correct pie
  • Have your preschooler line up the clothes pins in order from 1 to the highest number. Starting with 1, put the clothes pins on the matching pie. Try it backwards.

Holiday Preschool Counting Activities
I exploit use every possible opportunity to have my kids practice their counting and math skills. Holidays and all of the treats that come with them are a fun and easy way to get your kids excited to count and sort. And... it can help you justify all that sugar they're eating!
  • At Halloween my kids sort and count their trick-or-treat loot
  • For Valentine's Day, candy hearts can be sorted by color and the number of each color can be compared to the others. Which color has the MOST hearts? Which has the fewest? Are there any colors that have the same (or equal) number? An easy (and yummy) way to introduce math terms and concepts to preschoolers.
  • The same activities can be done with jellybeans at Easter

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