Preschool Games for Summertime Fun!

Preschoolers and toddlers can have tons of fun with preschool games. Outdoor games for summertime will get your child running, laughing, and learning.

Most of us remember spending summer days running through the sprinkler and playing tag. Teach your kids the "classics" (they're totally NEW to them!) and discover some fun new preschool games. Have FUN this summer!

Hula Hoop Games
Kids of all ages LOVE hula hoops. And- they’re not just for spinning around your waist. Toddlers love to jump in and out or climb through them. Preschoolers love to throw things through them. The possibilities are endless. If you need to entertain a bunch of young kids this 4th of July, bring along some hula hoops and a few other supplies and let the fun begin!

Throwing Games

  • Hang a hula hoop on a low tree branch or tie to a higher branch (watch kids around ropes!)
  • Place a cone or other object to mark the line for kids to stand behind (if kids are different ages, have different lines for each age)
  • Provide balls, Frisbees, pool noodles, and/or water balloons
  • Let kids take turns trying to throw the different objects through the hoop
  • OPTIONAL: Tape red, white, and blue streamers from the top of the hoop

Jumping Games

  • Set up a row of multiple hoops
  • Kids can jump from hoop to hoop (try 2 feet, hop like a bunny, frog jumps, jump on one foot…
  • If kids are old enough, set up 2 rows and have a relay race

Listening Games

  • Simon Says: Provide each child with her own hula hoop. “Simon Says… jump in your hoop, walk around your hoop, put one foot inside and one foot outside, hold your hoop over your head, etc…”
  • Musical Hoops: Place hoops in a circle and play music. When the music stops, each child must find a hoop in which to stand.

Tag Games
There are so many versions of tag. Your preschooler will love chasing you around and having you chase him. Do something silly when you catch him... tickle him, throw him up in the air, say "I GOTCHA." Seems simple (and many of you probably already play this game) but your preschooler or toddler will love it! Plus- you'll get some good exercise and find yourself smiling too : )

Jump Rope Games
Jumping rope is great exercise for your preschooler. It is also a great preschool activity for teaching gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. To start, place the rope in a line on the ground and have your preschooler jump back and forth over it. As your preschooler gets older and more coordinated, you can show her how to jump rope by herself or with 2 friends holding either end of the rope.

More Preschool Games

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