More Fun Preschool Learning Activities to Help Teach your Preschooler to LOVE Learning!

There are so many fun preschool learning activities to use in your everyday play with your kids. Learning activities will seem like games and fun to your preschooler as you teach him self-help skills, listening skills, and how to follow directions, as well as improve fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and emotional skills.

Self Help Skills Ever notice how your preschooler or toddler always wants to "help" and imitate you? Allow him to and give him age appropriate tools to succeed.
Cleaning Provide your preschooler with a child sized broom, dustpan, sponges, and watch him delight in helping you while learning important self-help skills.
  • Allow her to wipe up spills using a dishcloth or paper towel (my 18 month old grabs a towel and wipes up spills on her own now)
  • Have your preschooler soak and wring out a sponge in soapy water and wipe his own place at the table
  • Sick of cleaning up cereal after breakfast? Give your child her own small broom and dustpan to clean up under her chair
  • Need to get some cleaning done? Have your child help by giving him his own "dusting cloth" or paper towel to wipe off furniture and toys
  • Let your child help wash the car or have her wash her bike while you wash your car
Gross Motor Skills
Gross motor skills are skills such as jumping, running, and climbing that use the large muscles of the body. Hopefully, your child gets lots of time to exercise, ride bikes, and run. However, here are some easy preschool ideas to do at home outside of organized activities or when cold weather keeps kids inside.

  • Set up an obstacle course in your basement or family room. Your child can go through a tunnel, jump over the "bear pit" (stuffed animals), climb a "mountain" (an ottoman), and walk the "tight rope" (a jump rope or tape line on the ground).
  • Play balloon tennis. Create 2 paddles by attaching paint sticks to paper plates with duct tape. Blow up one balloon. Hit the balloon back and forth. Fun game, great for coordination and concentration, and no worrying about breaking anything!
  • Play balloon ball. Attach a balloon to the ceiling using ribbon or string and tape (sticky hooks are great for hanging things from ceilings!) Give your preschooler a soft bat and let him practice his "hitting".
  • Parachute play is another fun, easy preschool learning activity

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