Preschool Party Games for Fun Birthday Parties and Holiday Parties

There are so many preschool party games out there, but how many are REALLY appropriate for your preschooler (and 10 of her closest friends)? 3, 4, and 5 year olds need simple games. You need party games that will entertain and keep the party moving AND that the kids can do with little guidance.

With a little prep work, you can set up party games for kids that will make your preschooler's next birthday party a HUGE HIT!

Obstacle Course
A great preschool party game for indoor and outdoor kids parties. You can customize your course based on your party theme (check here for my ideas for a Transformer party and a Care Bears Party.)

The great thing about this preschool party game is that you are only limited by your imagination...

  • Cardboard boxes become caves or trains
  • Hang streamers and balloons to go through "waterfalls" or "jungles"
  • Climb over pillow or ottoman "mountains"
  • Use play tunnels or blankets over chairs for tunnels, "black holes", and forts
  • Riding toys become "race cars" or "moon buggies"
Have fun with it!

Bean Bag Toss
This preschool party game is so fabulous because it is fairly easy to put together, can be used for many different themes, and kids love it and can do it without help!

Frozen Olaf "Snowball Toss"


  • Large piece of cardboard or cardboard box
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Poster board & markers
  • Tape
  • Bean bags (buy them or make with a few squares of fabric and dried beans or rice)

To Create
Always remember that your kids will love this even if you aren't super artistic!

  1. Cut out several holes in the card board/ box
  2. Use the poster board and markers to create something to match your party theme (pumpkin for Halloween, castle for a Princess Party, dinosuar head, etc)
  3. Tape the poster board onto the cardboard and cut out holes to match those in the box (change the poster board for different parties)
  4. Assign points to each hole (if desired)
  5. Tape, draw, or place a rope as a line to stand behind

To Play

  • Kids take turns throwing bean bags and trying to get them in each hole
  • Older preschoolers may want to add up their "points"- great math practice!

Memory or Matching Game
Another party game that is easy to put together ahead of time and can be changed out for different party themes. I got the idea from, but created a base that can be reused.

  • Foam board (available at craft stores)
  • Paper
  • Template (these are easy to create in Power Point using clip art or Googling pictures from the Web)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Tape
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors and glue stick
  • Screwdriver or other pointy object to poke holes
  1. Print out 12 to 16 cards to match (6-8 of each)
  2. Print out 12-16 of the same card (for the fronts)
  3. Cut out and glue cards together (I cut out 12 equal size pieces of card stock, glued the pictures to match to one side and the "generic" picture to the reverse side)
  4. Punch holes and string ribbon through top of each card
  5. Poke 12-16 holes in the foam board
  6. String the ribbon from each card through the foam board and tape to keep in place
  7. Glue on title or pictures as desired
  8. To reuse, simply take the cards off, create new ones and place in the same holes

To Play
I set this game out for the kids to play during "free time". They can take turns or play alone... simply turn over 2 of the cards and see if they match. Keep playing until you make all of the matches.

I continually add preschool party games and other activities, please check back often!

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