Toddler Learning Activities- Entertain and Teach your Toddler!

The great thing about toddler learning activities is that they are ideas that you can use everyday while you are playing, doing errands, or going for a walk.

Incorporating learning activities for toddlers into your life not only teaches them important skills like self-help, science, language, and motor skills, but also keeps them entertained. Toddler teaching is FUN!

Self Help Skills
Ever notice how your toddler always wants to "help" and imitate you? Allow him to and give him age appropriate tools to succeed.

Provide your preschooler with a child sized broom, dustpan, sponges, and watch him delight in helping you while learning important self-help skills. Your toddler will not do it "perfectly"- you can "take turns" or allow her to do it on her own. Here are some great ways to let your toddler help and learn at the same time:

  • Allow her to wipe up spills using a dishcloth or paper towel (my 18 month old grabs a towel and wipes up spills on her own now)
  • Have your toddler soak and wring out a sponge in soapy water and wipe his own place at the table
  • Sick of cleaning up cereal after breakfast? Give your child her own small broom and dustpan to clean up under her chair.
  • Need to get some cleaning done? Have your child help by giving him his own "dusting cloth" or paper towel to wipe off furniture and toys
  • Provide large bins for toys so that your toddler can help put them away at the end of the day

Getting Ready
Whether it is picking out her clothes, brushing her teeth, or putting on her own shoes, teaching your child skills to help her get ready on her own makes her happy and helps make your morning less hectic (well, at least in theory):

  • Each night, work with you toddler to pick out clothes for the following day. Start by providing 2 outfit choices and letting him decide which to wear. He will love to make his own choice!
  • When your child shows interest, allow her to help change her own clothes. It is usually easier for kids to get clothes off than on so begin with undressing.
  • As soon as you start brushing your toddler's teeth, he is old enough to help. Allow him his own "turn" before you take your "turn". He learns to share and how to brush his teeth!

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