Transformer Party Ideas to Throw your Kid the Best Transformer Party EVER!

For my son’s Transformer party, I searched and Googled and found a few great Transformer party ideas online. However, there weren’t a ton out there… so although my son turned 6 and this is supposed to be a “preschool” site, I thought I’d include a description of the party here.

Many of the party activities and ideas would work for preschool kids as well. Check out my tips for throwing a great preschool party to make your party run smoothly. I had 14- 5 and 6 year olds in my (not huge) house and I am still standing… I even had a good time and would do it again : ) I hope you find Transformer party ideas that will work for your party!

I kept the party invitations simple and inexpensive. In Word, I created invitations that read… “Help (my son’s name) transform into a 6 year old…” I also included the party details. I used “Neuropol” font which looked futuristic and techy. My son decorated each invitation with store bought Transformer stickers.


Again, for the party decorations, I went with simple and inexpensive. My one “splurge” was a Transformer poster ($4.99) that I hung over the dining table (and my son hung it in his room after the party was done.) I also purchased Transformer dessert plates, napkins, and a table cloth to decorate the table. For the “wow” factor, I hung blue and red twisted crepe paper over the table and in the entry way. I never spend money on helium balloons… instead, I blew up red and blue balloons and hung them from the stair banister and from the light fixture in the dining area.

Although there are some pretty cool Transformer cake ideas out there, my son insisted on cupcakes this year (no complaints here.) I purchased Transformer cupcake rings from Ebay and placed one on each cupcake. The kids loved wearing them and taking them home.

Transformer Party Activities:
I kept the party at 2 hours… plenty of time for fun, but not long enough for the party to drag on and the kids to get restless.

1 PM… Kids arrive

1-1:20 PM… Free play stations (this allows everyone to arrive and get settled.) The stations:

  • Temporary Transformer tattoos (purchased on Ebay)
  • Playing with Transformers (I set out a container in one corner with all of my son’s Transformers)
  • LEGOs (I put my sons LEGO table out in another corner)
  • Transformer Coloring Pages (On the dining room table, I placed crayons and free Transformer coloring pages and printables that I found online)
  • Marble Works (One of my son’s favorite toys… all of his friends loved it too!)
1:20 PM… Welcome everyone
This is where I cover where the bathroom is, my name, and any rules. I also set up the next activity…
Me: “Welcome to planet Cybertron, home of the Transformers. I just got a call on my space phone from Optimus Prime… he is on Earth and is being attacked by Megatron and the other Decepticons. He needs our help. Do you think you can help Optimus Prime?”

Kids: “YES!”

Me: “Okay. We’re all going to walk downstairs and I have an obstacle course set up from planet Cybertron to Earth. I need you all to sit on the blue carpet so that I can explain the mission. Are you ready?”

Kids: “Yeah! Let’s go!”

1:20-1:35 PM… Obstacle course in Basement
Before the party I set up an obstacle course… and I explained it to the kids while they sat.
  • First put on your space suit (pretend)
  • Next you need to go into your rocket and launch yourself into space (into the door of my preschooler’s Kangaroo Climber and down the slide)
  • Next we need to go through the asteroid belt (balloons and streamers hanging)
  • Then through the black hole (a kid tunnel)
  • Next you need to ride your space machine around the moon (my son’s scooter around 3 cones)
  • Now we’re in planet Earth’s atmosphere, but we need to make our entrance and blast out of our space machine (ride a toddler riding toy down an incline mat)
  • Now that you’re on planet Earth, you need to save it from the Decepticons (shoot a blow up globe into a laundry basket)
  • And finally, you need to defeat Megatron (punch a balloon with a picture of Megatron hanging from the ceiling)
  • And you’re reward for being so brave and saving Earth… playing with Optimus Prime (my husband made a killer Optimus Prime from some old cardboard boxes… directions below)

The kids each did the obstacle course and played in Optimus Prime several times

1:35-1:50… Game Centers in Family Room
I divided the kids up into 5 groups of 3 and had them do 3 minute rotations through 5 party activities

  • Transformer Bean Bag Toss (an easy party game idea … I drew a Transformer emblem on posterboard and cut out a few places)
  • Transformer Memory (I got this Transformer party idea idea from… it was so easy to make that I plan to alter it and use it for my daughter’s Care Bear party)
  • Transformers and LEGOs (brought in from first free play)
  • Tube racers (everyone loves this game… use old wrapping paper tubes and set one end on a coffee table, provide matchbox cars and let them “race” through the tubes)
  • Foosball (my kids got a small table for Christmas so I set it out for one of the stations)

1:50-2:00… Balloon Battle in the Basement
This was a last minute Transformer party idea, but a huge success.
Before the party, I (well… actually my husband) blew up small balloons and tied them to ribbons. Once the kids were sitting in the basement, I explained that we were going to have a “battle”. Everyone tied a ribbon with a balloon to their ankle and tried to pop the other balloons without getting their own balloon popped. The rules were:
  • No pushing or touching
  • You could only step on balloons (no feet)
  • Once your balloon was popped, you had to sit down next to the wall
  • Once the number of kids got down to about 5, I made the “inbounds” area smaller. When the final 2 were left, the inbounds area was a 5 x 7 rug.
  • The last one with a balloon won (somehow my son managed win… everyone thought that it was fitting since he was the birthday boy)

A variation of this Transformer activity would be to have an equal number of blue and red balloons and play “Autobots vs. Decepticons”.

2-2:15 PM… Cake (see above)
As the kids finished, they went back into the living room and played with the first set of activities.

2:15-2:30 PM… Transformer Party Craft
Before the party, I cut out various shapes of different colored paper. The kids also had glue sticks and their own 8.5 x 11” piece of paper. The craft was to construct a Transformer from all of the shapes provided… they could make one from the movie or use their imagination.

2:30-2:45 PM… Gifts

2:45-3:00 PM… Free play
While waiting for their parents, I let the kids play in any of the 3 rooms we used for the party. They got to pick their favorite Transformer party ideas and do them again!

Additional Transformer Party Ideas

Between the web and brainstorming, I had some other Transformer party ideas that didn’t make it into my son’s party, but might work for you…

“Silly String Battle”… as the name says, provide each child with silly string and let them go (I thought it would be better for an outdoor party)

“Search for the Allspark”… decorate a large box like the Allspark, put the goody bags inside. Provide clues for the kids to find it and claim their “prizes”

“Energon Cubes”… blue Jello jigglers

“Paper Rocket Launch”

“Pin the Wheel on the Transformer”

“Build the Transformer Relay”… Divide the kids into equal teams. Each team gets “parts” for their Transformer (head, wheels, legs, wings, etc.) Members of each team take turns running down and “building” their Transformer (sticking it to the wall). First team done- wins.

How to Build Optimus Prime


  • 2 large boxes
  • 2 long, skinny boxes
  • 2 long wrapping paper tubes
  • Blue table cloth
  • Red table cloth
  • Duct tape/ packaging tape
  • Red poster board
  • Aluminum foil


  • Tape together boxes to form a truck
  • Wrap tubes in aluminum foil
  • Cut out windshield and doors
  • Cover with red and blue table cloths (wrap like a present)
  • Cut flame from red poster board and tape to side
  • Cover squares with aluminum foil and use as headlights

The kids at your Transformer party will love to play inside Optimus Prime!

I hope these Transformer Party Ideas help to make your next birthday party a huge success! Enjoy!

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